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Be free from all your opression!

Ninguém pisa em um homemAll the oppression that many people believe as coming from the Market, from the company, from the customers, from the boss, from the meeting planned for tomorrow afternoon,  from the subordinates, from the work colleagues, from the wife or husband, from the children, from the girl or the boyfriend, from the relatives, from the social friends, from the teachers, from the classmates, from the examinations, from the school tests, from the work interviews, from the bills to pay, from the money to receive, from the bank, from the sickness, beyond so many other kind of oppressions, do not exist! In other words, they exist only inside the people minds, because they supply each one of these oppressions with life. If one of these people die, all the oppressions die together him. It happens because the oppression hasn’t a proper life; it does not exist by itself!

Oppressions are like a soul parasites, like life suckers or spirit destroyers.  The trends, in general, for each one  is to take the facts as particular, into a somatic condition, in order to over-dramatize the situation around himself.  The more self-pity, the more will be the pain and the emotional suffering. Nowhere things are better or worst. Everything is just a reflex of the emotional competence to challenge the own fears, to face the internal ghosts each one creates into the proper imagination.  There is no oppression what can overcome  to a healthy person, that could come somewhere else than the emotional world. They use to come from a lot of emotional registers which were recorded along to the life cycle. People use to behavior taking these life registers as an orientation. Based on that they are more or less sensible to good or bad moments, to happiness or sadness!

The oppression trigger finger  in the fear!  Fear to lose money, fear to become old, to become sick, to die, to be killed, to lose the sex appeal, to be dismissed, , to be ridiculous, to be desperado, to be abandoned, to be punished, to be a worthless person, to lost the honor, to starve, to fail on the life mission, etc.  Yah!!! Everyone who thinks like that shouldn’t be afraid to die, because he is already dead. I mean, he is a walking dead. Each different fear weighs like a ton in terms of bad emotion. Each of them costs months, perhaps years of life pleasure. Anyhow, there is a medicinal for all these emotional challenges! This medicinal is called as courage! This is the reason why the wise monk says that the meat should die to get the victory in the spirit!

The bigger is the fear to injury the body, the less someone gets pleasure in the life and the shorter is the real life!  Due to that the wise monk says that the happiness battle is a spiritual battle, because it is not a body battle but a mind battle, into the ideas environment, completely virtual, within the imagination! Anyhow the body suffers what comes from the spirit! You are very important to be won for your own thoughts! The world need your smile, the universe needs your light, your children will follow your steps. Thus, be brave!  Called as image and similarity of God!  Be brave! The universe, that surrounds you, is asking for your courage and victory. You are able to that! Stand up! Stand up now and change your life destiny. There is no challenge which cannot be surpassed, if someone has faith enough! Go, because your destiny is to be great! Ready! That is it!!!

Marcondes             28 / may / 2013          02:23


Waiting for my love!

Menininha pensativa

Waiting for my love I stay here everyday. I don’t trust any promisses. I’ve learned ythat they means nothing. They are just a way to put me out from the focus I am really interested today. I mean today! However, while I was a child I will still blieving the adults. While I was a child. I am sure that something should be done, however…., however, the only thing I can do as a child is to wait! Because in such age as me, everything I can do is just waiting. Today, I am not prepared to replace my present love or to look for any other alternatives which could drug me to make me forget about such love dependence.

Ah! If I could change all my future for just half hour close to my love! There are so much affection in my heart, there are so may words in my mind, however, when my love arrived, I become so confuse, so acelerated that I pure can express myself!  The situation is is too embarracing for me, but waht can I do? These moments is so rare! Perhaps I love too much! What could I do?

I have a trunck fulled of dolls, however, their eyes have no brightness, they don’t know how to sing to make me sleep! They don”t know a single tale. They don’t embrace me, they don’t take me in their arms. I can not sleep wainting for my love! But I will persist. Yes!! I will do wait for, while the sleeping do not come down over me, while the innocence don’t abandon me, I will wait for my love, I really want to welcome him! O hero of my life! O foundation of my future! O late friends! O remedy of my fears! O ligth of my steps! O fatherly embrace, come soon!

Marcondes        o5 de Fevereiro de 2013                     23:35

By the honor to have you as a friend!

For you, person who I use to call as friend and vice-verse. You talkative or timid, enthusiastic, realistic, sceptic, careful or dispassionate, for you I rarely talk, for you I talke frequently, for you who don’t care about me, for you who keep me in mind, for you so common, for you so special, for you man or woman, old or young, for you, it doesn’t matter you are, all my respct and appreciation. The world would be  poorer without you and there would be less to learn, as well as, less to love. In each one of us there is one life sense and at least one hope. Let’s hope that the totality of these senses and hopes can build something able to rise our animous to promote a better world, more green, more plenty of understanding, more peaceful, more happy!!! As a faithful person I wish the God’s balsam humefy your forehead and makes your chalice overflowing in blessings. I wish the God’s breath repose over your head and Such breeze can keep your heart and soul warm, it doesn’t matter the winter. I wish the Christmas celebrations can bring special moments of hapiness for you and all people and creatures you love. I also wish the New Year brings you a complete solutions for a balanced life (work, family, love, leisure) to make you so happy as you deserve as a human being! Take me as your friend! Kind Regards!  Cheers!!!

Marcondes  23 de December de 2012.

Don’t feel compassion for yourself!

So many people make itself comfortable by feeling personal compassion, that there are not so many ones to achieve what was reserved to each one due to the own aptitude, even if although under others mockery. What is disciplin or precaution under one perspective, could be conformism or fear under other. If your heart rate rise when you close down your eyes  and meet your most elevated dreams, why should yo give up what you still could achieve, even if considering the short life time, what pass so fast? What is the importance of the justice if you do no aplly it over yourself? Be fair with your own! Avoid to give up your dreams as the time passes by. Don’t be a dream destroyer of others, however, do not permit others detroy yours. Be brave! If someone won your meat, make your bones fight for you. If your bones were destroyed, make your spirit fight for you, as well, because this is what makes the honor of a figther. Do not take what don’t belong to you, but never give up about what is yours. Go and win! Do not commit a sin against yourself! Have faith in your bliss and God will protect you!

Marcondes,                                                21 November, 2012




Take care of the flowers!

Everything has the right time to be done. Sometime ago, I read that -“it is better to offer a red rose at the right time than a gemstone late”. The extreme market competitiveness makes us prioritize the job, the company, the professional duties, the university, the foreign language courses, and so on, but not the cultivation of flowers. Flowers?! Someone will say – , “Flowers, my friend! Of course, they can be postponed.” Are you sure? Oh Yes!! Customers can’t wait, the invoicing and order intake goals can’t wait, the market analysis can’t wait, and the university homework can’t wait, and so, let’s go, everybody, again!! Yupiiiii!!

The great problem is that any flower tree that does not receive, at least, a little water-from time to time – and, who knows, some compost, will certainly die and after that, the best destination for such a flower tree is the fire. After the rose tree is dead, a gallon of water will promote no effect on it. It will be just a waste of time and resources. Perhaps,with a glass of water at the right time, it will bloom with beautiful – fragrant roses to please the human soul.

Many people getto the top of fame and professional career, when their own lives lost the original perfume. Of course, they could seed, garden and collect other flowers – later on. However, never again will they rescue those they walked on, as they were escalating the hill, and such beauty and perfume, perhaps, could have been even better than the new ones.

The objective of this post is not to judge or criticize anyone, even if it sounds like that. The idea is to drive the readers into reflections that could lead us to a better destiny.

Marcondes,  November 12, 2012.

Efficient Advertising – Magazines!

If a company intends to sell a new product to any potential customer, this customer needs to know about that. The propaganda activities, in general, have this purpose, to announce products and services.  If someone intends to announce something to his target customers, he has different medias available, like radio, TV stations, newspapers, magazines, posts, billboards, blogs, web sites, etc. However, to be successful, it is necessary to take care about some details. First of all, the company has to select the best media channel, with highest probability to access the target group. You should not post an ad in a fishing equipment’s magazine if you work with software’s development and vice-versa.

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Body shape is just part of happiness!

The appearance put the bodies together, looking for happiness and genus perpetuation, as well as to elevate the self-esteem. They associate themselves with the genetic probabilities, ensured by the best body shapes, the best close ups, the best sensual behavior and also by the most charming clothes with the expectation to guarantee, through this attitude, to get the maximum ecstasy. They become hallucinated by the own vision and they see only what they want to see and they hear only what the eyes provide to their ears. Being fascinated by their imagination, they project futures and simulate pseudo realities. Full of hope, they bet that the future will confirm their audacious life projections. In favor of those dreams they have the cooperation of the smell, the touch and sometimes of the flavor.  They have ears; however, they don’t listen to them. The time, nevertheless, has shown that the real happiness isn’t that one what rise from the eyes, but that one that flows from the heart. To be happy we need more than the body touching. It is indispensable to touch the soul, it is essential to move the spirit, if they intend to achieve something really pleasant and perpetual. To get this status, no one of the five senses should be preferential; no one should be higher than any other, since anyone is more important than the other. How someone could get such level of real satisfaction? To start a relationship, people should close the eyes and only open them as the time passes by. Don’t trust in promises! Prefer the attitudes! In the world, there are several princes and princesses which combine the best of the image with the best of content, however, out of the lucky, only the wisdom could drive someone up to their hearts! Try to know people first from their innermost. Thus, you will expand your chances to be, even more, happy!

Fernando Pessoa said someday:  “I am nothing. I can’t want to be something”; however, if you like this post, please share it with a friend of yours!

Many thanks!!

Marcondes 18/09/2012

Why Marketing?

Marketing consists in a group of actions which denotes, to the target group, how much someone is pasioned for him.  This group of actions should be practiced up to the point that this target group starts corresponding favorably to the level of efforts applied to get such feedback, because, if the effort level will charge the company’s life,  it should be better to look for a new lover.

Marketing actions, if well done, can guarantee a way to demonstrate how important is the target group to the promoter of this actions. But, why someone should promote such kind of actions? To conquest the favorite post, to be elected as the partner number one, to be the sole supplier, the single sourcing!

As similar as someone who fell in love for a princess, marketing requires affection, courtesy, attention to details, care, politeness, patience, respect, reliability, trust, honesty, fidelity, ethics, commitment, proactivity, surprise, celerity, gifts, gratitude, remembrance, in other words, everything with a pretty princess could expect from a prince who desires to get the princess love, I mean, all the necessary efforts to conquest the heart of the Sleeping Beauty Princess!

Someone who became tired, just for hearing what he should do, to get the Princess love, is not prepared to become a marketing legend. If under first analyses all these exigences, could means too much effort, on the other hand, who thinks like that, never will taste the lips of the most beautiful girl of the world (the best customers)!

Except the masochists, people like to be welcome, to be well treated and, in general, they use to answer back, positively, when they become happy with the services they got. People super welcome, super well served, use to convert themselves in warriors, evangelists, defenders, promoters, friends, addicted to whom is providing them with everything they dreamed, in terms of supplyment! People, in such level of satisfaction, gives more value to the relationship than to the cost to keep such pleasant status. A lower price strategy will not be sufficient to make their minds. As much as they be pleasant and satisfied, they will, proportionately, offer fidelity!

Every human being likes to be well served, since, naturally, he deserves that. The great challenge is to make all the employees of a company adopt and consolidate such culture of service dedication, in order, to do what they have to do, from the heart. False feelings, sooner or later, will be unmasked. Thus, also sooner or later, the other part (the customers) will go for a revenge or retaliation, as soon as they perceive they were betrayed!

The problem is that a lot of businessmen do not consider marketing as they should. A great number of them consider the company from inside to outside, instead of the contrary. Many of them are prepared to do the richest for customers, but, on the other hand, they offer the poorest to inside people, trying trough this action increase proftability. However, the employees are those which will take care of these very important people, called customers. In general way, unhappy workers do unhappy services. Other businessmen use to forget to give same level of importance to their supply chain and so on. The real marketing cannot be taken just from one or two perspectives. Marketing should be a way of life. It should be universal and holistic. However, it is possible that a company has no economical conditions to practice the real marketing at the moment; anyhow, it should be the driving way to the future. Marketing should not be a circumstantial activity but a philosophy to be applied in general sense.

Every company is under very similar market challenges, however, those ones which have the ability to adjust their offer to the real needs, desires and fantasies of their customers, those which can balance the price level with proportional services and benefits, those which can offer delivery security, as well as to accomplish the promises they did during the negotiations and support the customers with some extra valued services, almost always,  by this level of attention, will guarantee a happy and long-term relationship, promoting high level of business satisfaction for both – customer and supplier – Prince and Sleeping Beauty Princess.

Frequently, new businessmen use to look for marketing advises in order to push up the operating results of the companies they started. However, the company results are not only dependent of marketing activities. Challenges can rise from everywhere, from other management areas, like Production Lines, IT (Information Technology), Financial Department, Human Resources and so on. However, if the opportunities for improvements were located on marketing area, the solution will remain on a better management of one, or more, of the 4 Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion) of the marketing mix. Personally, I prefer to analyze these variables in a more detailed way as follow: Product, Price, Promotion, Propaganda, Merchandizing, Publicity (Press Advisement), Distribution, Personal Sales, etc.  I will try to explain better each one of these variables in the articles I intend to post in the future.

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Marcondes (11/09/2012)

Be what you really are!


What is really important for a good life ? The facts or the ilusions? The reality or the imagination?  What does really atract someone? Facts or dreams? What does more pressure someone? Reality or Imagination? What is most important? What we think about ourselves or what other people could think about us? What we think others will think about us, is it really what they will? Considering everything we think, how much drive us to reality, how much to pressumption? We use to decide under realities or under suspicions? How about the beauty?  Something is beautiful because it is beautiful in fact or because it touches my desires? “I am able to think, thus I live” or ” I am able to think, thus I suffer? When I express myself, I use to be what I am or what other people like I will? I do what I do, due to my freedon status or due to what I would like to estimulate others?  Why we use to criticise somebody’s actitudes I would like to adopt by myself? Fear? Lack of expertise? Jealousy?  Perhaps, we don’t have answers to all these questions, however they could drive us to be what in fact we already really are!!!

Many thanks!

Marcondes 2012/08/24


Take Care of Your Love!

Each person is like a island. Presently, people are submerged in a technological and virtual world, hiper connected, quicly Wi-Fi, mech – electronical, plenty of chips e gigabits, mechanically totalflex, modular, interchangeable, photocell, self regulating and multifuntional. We can notice that everything moves in direction to the touch screen expansion, inteligent and broadband  connections, remote assistance via voice command. Experts knows more and more about precise data transmissions  of millions of characteres via eletromagnetic waves. The digital augmented reality drive us to the dream of convert our ecstasy into a ephemeral reality in nano time exposures. Thus we domine all possibilities in terms of simulations, thanks to parametrical finit difference methods, which help us to forsee prototipes, trough 3D modeling, under 12 Megapixel resolution or via 3D, super fast,  printers.  All these things are extremelly good, but nothing among so many tecnological developments, no scientifical advance  can comfort myself, since I’ve lost the one who used to make me happy !