Be free from all your opression!

Ninguém pisa em um homemAll the oppression that many people believe as coming from the Market, from the company, from the customers, from the boss, from the meeting planned for tomorrow afternoon,  from the subordinates, from the work colleagues, from the wife or husband, from the children, from the girl or the boyfriend, from the relatives, from the social friends, from the teachers, from the classmates, from the examinations, from the school tests, from the work interviews, from the bills to pay, from the money to receive, from the bank, from the sickness, beyond so many other kind of oppressions, do not exist! In other words, they exist only inside the people minds, because they supply each one of these oppressions with life. If one of these people die, all the oppressions die together him. It happens because the oppression hasn’t a proper life; it does not exist by itself!

Oppressions are like a soul parasites, like life suckers or spirit destroyers.  The trends, in general, for each one  is to take the facts as particular, into a somatic condition, in order to over-dramatize the situation around himself.  The more self-pity, the more will be the pain and the emotional suffering. Nowhere things are better or worst. Everything is just a reflex of the emotional competence to challenge the own fears, to face the internal ghosts each one creates into the proper imagination.  There is no oppression what can overcome  to a healthy person, that could come somewhere else than the emotional world. They use to come from a lot of emotional registers which were recorded along to the life cycle. People use to behavior taking these life registers as an orientation. Based on that they are more or less sensible to good or bad moments, to happiness or sadness!

The oppression trigger finger  in the fear!  Fear to lose money, fear to become old, to become sick, to die, to be killed, to lose the sex appeal, to be dismissed, , to be ridiculous, to be desperado, to be abandoned, to be punished, to be a worthless person, to lost the honor, to starve, to fail on the life mission, etc.  Yah!!! Everyone who thinks like that shouldn’t be afraid to die, because he is already dead. I mean, he is a walking dead. Each different fear weighs like a ton in terms of bad emotion. Each of them costs months, perhaps years of life pleasure. Anyhow, there is a medicinal for all these emotional challenges! This medicinal is called as courage! This is the reason why the wise monk says that the meat should die to get the victory in the spirit!

The bigger is the fear to injury the body, the less someone gets pleasure in the life and the shorter is the real life!  Due to that the wise monk says that the happiness battle is a spiritual battle, because it is not a body battle but a mind battle, into the ideas environment, completely virtual, within the imagination! Anyhow the body suffers what comes from the spirit! You are very important to be won for your own thoughts! The world need your smile, the universe needs your light, your children will follow your steps. Thus, be brave!  Called as image and similarity of God!  Be brave! The universe, that surrounds you, is asking for your courage and victory. You are able to that! Stand up! Stand up now and change your life destiny. There is no challenge which cannot be surpassed, if someone has faith enough! Go, because your destiny is to be great! Ready! That is it!!!

Marcondes             28 / may / 2013          02:23


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