Body shape is just part of happiness!

The appearance put the bodies together, looking for happiness and genus perpetuation, as well as to elevate the self-esteem. They associate themselves with the genetic probabilities, ensured by the best body shapes, the best close ups, the best sensual behavior and also by the most charming clothes with the expectation to guarantee, through this attitude, to get the maximum ecstasy. They become hallucinated by the own vision and they see only what they want to see and they hear only what the eyes provide to their ears. Being fascinated by their imagination, they project futures and simulate pseudo realities. Full of hope, they bet that the future will confirm their audacious life projections. In favor of those dreams they have the cooperation of the smell, the touch and sometimes of the flavor.  They have ears; however, they don’t listen to them. The time, nevertheless, has shown that the real happiness isn’t that one what rise from the eyes, but that one that flows from the heart. To be happy we need more than the body touching. It is indispensable to touch the soul, it is essential to move the spirit, if they intend to achieve something really pleasant and perpetual. To get this status, no one of the five senses should be preferential; no one should be higher than any other, since anyone is more important than the other. How someone could get such level of real satisfaction? To start a relationship, people should close the eyes and only open them as the time passes by. Don’t trust in promises! Prefer the attitudes! In the world, there are several princes and princesses which combine the best of the image with the best of content, however, out of the lucky, only the wisdom could drive someone up to their hearts! Try to know people first from their innermost. Thus, you will expand your chances to be, even more, happy!

Fernando Pessoa said someday:  “I am nothing. I can’t want to be something”; however, if you like this post, please share it with a friend of yours!

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Marcondes 18/09/2012

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