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Take care of the flowers!

Everything has the right time to be done. Sometime ago, I read that -“it is better to offer a red rose at the right time than a gemstone late”. The extreme market competitiveness makes us prioritize the job, the company, the professional duties, the university, the foreign language courses, and so on, but not the cultivation of flowers. Flowers?! Someone will say – , “Flowers, my friend! Of course, they can be postponed.” Are you sure? Oh Yes!! Customers can’t wait, the invoicing and order intake goals can’t wait, the market analysis can’t wait, and the university homework can’t wait, and so, let’s go, everybody, again!! Yupiiiii!!

The great problem is that any flower tree that does not receive, at least, a little water-from time to time – and, who knows, some compost, will certainly die and after that, the best destination for such a flower tree is the fire. After the rose tree is dead, a gallon of water will promote no effect on it. It will be just a waste of time and resources. Perhaps,with a glass of water at the right time, it will bloom with beautiful – fragrant roses to please the human soul.

Many people getto the top of fame and professional career, when their own lives lost the original perfume. Of course, they could seed, garden and collect other flowers – later on. However, never again will they rescue those they walked on, as they were escalating the hill, and such beauty and perfume, perhaps, could have been even better than the new ones.

The objective of this post is not to judge or criticize anyone, even if it sounds like that. The idea is to drive the readers into reflections that could lead us to a better destiny.

Marcondes,  November 12, 2012.