By the honor to have you as a friend!

For you, person who I use to call as friend and vice-verse. You talkative or timid, enthusiastic, realistic, sceptic, careful or dispassionate, for you I rarely talk, for you I talke frequently, for you who don’t care about me, for you who keep me in mind, for you so common, for you so special, for you man or woman, old or young, for you, it doesn’t matter you are, all my respct and appreciation. The world would be  poorer without you and there would be less to learn, as well as, less to love. In each one of us there is one life sense and at least one hope. Let’s hope that the totality of these senses and hopes can build something able to rise our animous to promote a better world, more green, more plenty of understanding, more peaceful, more happy!!! As a faithful person I wish the God’s balsam humefy your forehead and makes your chalice overflowing in blessings. I wish the God’s breath repose over your head and Such breeze can keep your heart and soul warm, it doesn’t matter the winter. I wish the Christmas celebrations can bring special moments of hapiness for you and all people and creatures you love. I also wish the New Year brings you a complete solutions for a balanced life (work, family, love, leisure) to make you so happy as you deserve as a human being! Take me as your friend! Kind Regards!  Cheers!!!

Marcondes  23 de December de 2012.

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