Don’t feel compassion for yourself!

So many people make itself comfortable by feeling personal compassion, that there are not so many ones to achieve what was reserved to each one due to the own aptitude, even if although under others mockery. What is disciplin or precaution under one perspective, could be conformism or fear under other. If your heart rate rise when you close down your eyes  and meet your most elevated dreams, why should yo give up what you still could achieve, even if considering the short life time, what pass so fast? What is the importance of the justice if you do no aplly it over yourself? Be fair with your own! Avoid to give up your dreams as the time passes by. Don’t be a dream destroyer of others, however, do not permit others detroy yours. Be brave! If someone won your meat, make your bones fight for you. If your bones were destroyed, make your spirit fight for you, as well, because this is what makes the honor of a figther. Do not take what don’t belong to you, but never give up about what is yours. Go and win! Do not commit a sin against yourself! Have faith in your bliss and God will protect you!

Marcondes,                                                21 November, 2012




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