Be what you really are!


What is really important for a good life ? The facts or the ilusions? The reality or the imagination?  What does really atract someone? Facts or dreams? What does more pressure someone? Reality or Imagination? What is most important? What we think about ourselves or what other people could think about us? What we think others will think about us, is it really what they will? Considering everything we think, how much drive us to reality, how much to pressumption? We use to decide under realities or under suspicions? How about the beauty?  Something is beautiful because it is beautiful in fact or because it touches my desires? “I am able to think, thus I live” or ” I am able to think, thus I suffer? When I express myself, I use to be what I am or what other people like I will? I do what I do, due to my freedon status or due to what I would like to estimulate others?  Why we use to criticise somebody’s actitudes I would like to adopt by myself? Fear? Lack of expertise? Jealousy?  Perhaps, we don’t have answers to all these questions, however they could drive us to be what in fact we already really are!!!

Many thanks!

Marcondes 2012/08/24


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