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Different customers need different aproaches!

Dear friends!

I would like to supply you with posts in your own language, however, my English is not good enough. Anyhow, I hope my texts can be welcome for the moment, while I wait our relationship could improve my skills in order to avoid so many mistakes! Many thanks!


Who enphasize everything is enphasizing anything!   Before starting a negotiation, a salesman should identify what sales argument can touch the priority list in the customer mind. Although our products and services could offer several benefits to customer, a salesman must concentrate atention over those which can offer the solutions which customers are most looking for. Doing this, the salesman will talk less, however, he probably,  will  sell more. Due to this fact is important that the salesman estimulate customers to talk as much as they can, while he listen to them, to capture the most crucial arguments in order to enphasize just the benefitis which coud show to customer he has the best solution to the customer problems.  A single detail what can contribute to more sales is: “As soon as the customer say:  yes for buyng. Shut up! Do not say any other word. Just say say thank you! Apologize the customer for his good decision, take the order and go away. Many times, salesman decides to reinforce some details about his proposal after custmer has already made a decision to buy and it can drives customers to review his decision. If the salesman decides to stay a little bit more, he can take  a cup of coffee and talk about other subjects avoiding to return to the sale he just conclude.

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