Waiting for my love!

Menininha pensativa

Waiting for my love I stay here everyday. I don’t trust any promisses. I’ve learned ythat they means nothing. They are just a way to put me out from the focus I am really interested today. I mean today! However, while I was a child I will still blieving the adults. While I was a child. I am sure that something should be done, however…., however, the only thing I can do as a child is to wait! Because in such age as me, everything I can do is just waiting. Today, I am not prepared to replace my present love or to look for any other alternatives which could drug me to make me forget about such love dependence.

Ah! If I could change all my future for just half hour close to my love! There are so much affection in my heart, there are so may words in my mind, however, when my love arrived, I become so confuse, so acelerated that I pure can express myself!  The situation is is too embarracing for me, but waht can I do? These moments is so rare! Perhaps I love too much! What could I do?

I have a trunck fulled of dolls, however, their eyes have no brightness, they don’t know how to sing to make me sleep! They don”t know a single tale. They don’t embrace me, they don’t take me in their arms. I can not sleep wainting for my love! But I will persist. Yes!! I will do wait for, while the sleeping do not come down over me, while the innocence don’t abandon me, I will wait for my love, I really want to welcome him! O hero of my life! O foundation of my future! O late friends! O remedy of my fears! O ligth of my steps! O fatherly embrace, come soon!

Marcondes        o5 de Fevereiro de 2013                     23:35

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